Paul Magnuson
23 Years Architectural Photography
10,000 Real Estate Photo Shoots
Paul Magnuson, Photographer
Imagine Imagery Real Estate Photography
The Art of Property Marketing 
Still Photos | Virtual Tours 
Floorplans | Brochures    
Real estate shoppers start online when selecting their property tour list.  
Whether buying or renting, your housing prospects expect: 
Professional still photos realistically portraying the space. 
Virtual tours in the typical walk-through sequence.
Floorplans with room layout & dimensions for furniture fit.
Captures Prospect's Imagination 
Property under contract faster. 
Cuts unproductive showings. 
A Planet Home study found that “Real estate listings featuring virtual tours are clicked on 40% more often than those using still photos alone.” 
A Redfin survey found that 63% buyers made an offer on a property they had not seen in person. reports that listings with virtual tours receive 87% more views than home listings without tours and that 54% of buyers skip over listings of properties that don’t include virtual tours. 
The Psychology of Real Estate Marketing Imagery
You can offer the greatest home in the market. Yet, if you cannot motivate people to see it, you will not sell it. The average housing consumer looks at hundreds of online listings meeting their price/area/size criteria, but tours only 10 homes. 
Provide enough information for the right prospect to see that your property checks all their criteria boxes. Your online listing package needs to include every detail necessary to visually answer all their questions.
Still Photos of each room depicting the room size and showing all window & door placements. Every room needs two or three photos to fully capture all four walls. 
Virtual Tour to “walk-through” the home, feel the space, and see the sight lines and lighting. 
Floorplan lets the prospect know the layout works for them. This helps minimize unproductive showings.
 These three visual elements can give the prospect a “This is perfect for me!” must-see impression
Complete visual information gets prospects in the door. Accuracy makes them comfortable and trusting. 
I meticulously process every image manually to preserve the correct colors and lighting. My images show the lightly tinted walls and the full richness of the dark tones. Outsourced automated photo processing often creates a mismatch between expectation and reality. “I thought the walls were all white” or “The room seems much darker {or smaller} than in the photos." 
I want the prospect to think “This looks and feels exactly the way I imagined!” This reinforces their confidence and trust, increasing the probability of an offer. 
I create complete & accurate marketing imagery to enhance the speed and price for your sale.