My entire career involved real estate marketing beginning with my education at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. My undergraduate Social Psychology degree focused on decision-making, persuasion, and small-group behavior dynamics; and my Urban Land Economics (Real Estate) MBA focused on residential development. I was a managing partner for a company that developed 35 residential properties totaling about 5,000 dwelling units marketed as homes for rent and for sale. 
In 2000, I founded a local rental guide business in Western Wisconsin. The business was basically an MLS for rentals. I made sure the photos were better than the for-sale MLS with better lighting, better composition, better color, and better photo processing. Adding floorplans and virtual tours provided everything prospects needed to decide “This is perfect for me!” Photographing and marketing 10,000 residences demonstrated the importance of accurate, realistic photos to assure a shorter time on the market. Psychologically, WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) is very comforting to buyers, enhances trust, and accelerates the decision process.
My wife and I moved to Dallas late in 2021 because our daughter gave birth to triplets. In 2022 I began photographing Texas homes for sale and rent. Examples appear under the PORTFOLIO tab on this website. Just click or tap any exterior image to view its stills, floorplan, and virtual tour.
Still Photos 
I provide the quality and quantity necessary to give your prospects an accurate portrayal of the space – room sizes, colors, and lighting. I want your prospects to declare “This is exactly what I expected!” on their first walk-through. All images are personally shot and individually processed by me to assure color and spatial accuracy. I was on-site, saw the colors, and felt the space. Individual custom photo processing assures that the image selection accurately captures the space and avoids the washed-out "bleached" effect and mismatched colors common with outsourced automated batch processing.
Quality: I create natural light images that retain the richness of the true colors. Individual image color balancing preserves the subtle tint colors along with the full depth of medium and dark tones. 
Quantity: For every separate space (room or area), I compose at least two images to show all four walls. The images are arranged in “walking tour” order – from the entry foyer, living & dining areas, kitchen, primary bedroom, other bedrooms & bathrooms, to outdoor spaces. This allows the prospect to develop an accurate mental image of each separate 3-dimensional space and an overall feeling for the layout and connectivity of the home. 
360° 3D Virtual Tours 
Every tour automatically runs like a video walk-through movie lasting between two and four minutes. However, the viewer can grab control of the scene with their cursor and manually move or look forward, backward, up, and down. My tours are quiet and quick, eliminating the two biggest complaints about virtual tours – distractive narration and long runtimes. 
I draw professional floorplans designed for housing consumers. They are accurate in detail and scale. Every room includes simple width-by-length dimensions. The prospect sees how the layout and traffic flow fits their needs, and can readily determine if their furniture fits. 
Brochures and Handouts 
Never let a prospect leave a viewing empty-handed. I can design a tasteful single-page handout to a stylish bound brochure including all the stills and floorplans. After a prospect completes 10+ home tours, a professionally designed handout guarantees a favorable second impression. My printed takeaway artfully reminds the prospect of everything they loved about your property. 
Reviews Posted on for My Real Estate & Architectural Photography
We needed photos of our home for an MLS listing. We found and contacted Paul through thumbtack. He responded quickly with a date option. 
We were pleased that the photos would become our property so we could use them whenever we wanted. He was able to schedule us in a few days, showed up on time and was very friendly. 
We received the photos in a few days and they were very professional, with excellent views accentuating the highlights of our home. I especially liked his use of “mirror shots” to show details of the bathrooms. His pricing was the best we found and he was willing to add in a few pictures that we requested at the last minute. 
Thanks Paul! 
Patty F.

Paul was very professional and he took his time to capture the best photo shoots of the property. His style of communicating is calm and reassuring. The photos look great! 
Tonya M. 
This was the second time I used Paul to photograph a home for me and as always his stills were amazing. I highly recommend and will continue to use him in the future! 
Ryan B.
If I could give Imagine Imagery more than 5 stars, I would. The quality of his photography is perfection. He is a professional and always responded in a way that let us know he was here to make us happy. He was very punctual and always completed his work when he said he would. The price was right. What more could you ask for? 
Veta M. 
Paul did a fantastic job on my video project. He was so responsive and was very flexible with rescheduling when needed. I have gotten multiple compliments on the video he produced. It has been a big help in elevating my business.
Emily T. 
Paul did an excellent job on my rental real estate photos, virtual walkthrough, and floor plan. He was quick to respond to my request and showed up on time. He has an artistic eye in terms of lighting and scene setting, and was super fast in putting together the stills and walkthrough. He also gave a very reasonable price for all the items he included. I highly recommend him and will use him again in the future.
Ryan B. 
I am so happy that I hired Paul! He delivered a lot of beautiful real estate photos that showed my house in the best possible way-light, airy, and inviting. He is an artist with an eye for composition and light. These pictures will get attention on the real estate sites and get my home sold fast. 
Mary Beth W.
Very good work! You can trust him.
Leo L.
Was very nice & responded quickly ! Pictures of my property came out beautiful! Thank you so much, definitely booking again.
Michelle M. 
Paul was prompt, professional and throughout. Will definitely use him again in the future!
Eric T. 
Paul is the consummate professional. He was on time, careful to check his lighting and settings, and listened to what I needed. He also provided me with a couple of customized "extras" after our session, which was greatly appreciated. Paul was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him. 
Sonja C. 
Although I was in another state, he was on time, professional, and did a great job taking pictures of my client's house. A big thank you! 
Chiara R.
Paul took great pictures at a great price. I will for sure use him again! 
Osvaldo C. 
Paul was great! He was very easy to work with and was great at communicating. I would recommend him! 
Marvin L. 
Great work on time and quality real estate pictures delivered. I've hired Paul twice now and will use him again. 
Christine M. 
Paul arrived on time and did a great job taking photos of the property. He delivered the finished photos within 24-48 hours of taking them. Will definitely use Paul again if more photos are needed. 
Bryan S. 
I am an independent property manager with units split pretty evenly between multi-unit buildings and single-family homes. Paul Magnuson, through his Imagine Imagery services, has proven himself to be my greatest asset. His interior photo arrangement follows the walking tour order of the typical in-person showing, and they are all labeled by the room and view. Simple, but no one else does it. The floorplans let my prospects verify that their furniture fits and saves me from dragging out the tape measure during showings. They also assure that my renters already decided the layout works for them before scheduling a showing. The 3D tours really let them do a virtual reality walk-through. So, I more frequently hear “Yep, it’s exactly what I expected, how do I apply?” instead of “Oh! It’s not quite what I’m looking for.” When I compare leasing 15 years ago to today, I can clearly see that Paul understands what housing prospects want to see, and he does a fantastic job of delivering it before they call me. And that saves me what I value most - my time. 
Susan S.
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